Foundry Entertainment President Troy Aubrey

From time to time, we’d like to present some words from the folks behind the scenes who make this thing happen. In this edition of the Melting Point Newswire, we’d like to take a moment to introduce Foundry Entertainment President Troy Aubrey and hear a bit more about the past, present, and future of Foundry Entertainment, the Melting Point, and helping local & regional artists build their careers.

Melting Point Newswire: How did you come to be president of Foundry Entertainment? What came before that?

Troy Aubrey: I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved in music. I’ve been booking, managing, and promoting live music in Athens since I went to school here in the late 1980s. Before Foundry Entertainment, I ran Nomad Artists and worked closely with some great bands and artists like Modern Skirts, Dayroom, Left Front Tire, and Stewart & Winfield.

MPN: We’re obviously familiar with the Melting Point, but explain a bit more about what Foundry Ent. is and does.

TA: Certainly! Right off the top, many people know that Foundry Ent. is the exclusive talent buyer for the Melting Point music venue, and with live music and events happening six nights a week on average, that’s a huge part of what we do. But there are two other arms of Foundry Entertainment – the special events side and the show promotion side.

On the special events side, we work with groups and organizations to help them book the perfect artists for their festivals, music series, wedding receptions and other events. For example, we just helped the city of Lawrenceville, GA to book their Moonlight Music Series. And on the festival side, I’ve been heavily involved in booking the Athfest music festival since it started. It’s been really great to partner with folks outside of Athens to help them put on really successful events in their own communities. Lately, we’ve enjoyed acting as a resource for brides looking for the perfect wedding event for their reception, whether they’re looking for something Motown or 80s or whatever.

MPN: And what about the promotion side?

TA: We love the Melting Point; we think it’s one of the premier listening room-style venues in the country. But what happens when an artist outgrows our venue? That’s where the promotion side of Foundry Ent. comes in. In the last few months, we’ve presented shows at other local venues in Athens – the Georgia Theatre, 40 Watt, etc. – as well as great venues in other venues around the state, namely the Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, GA and Sky City in Augusta, GA. This allows us the opportunity to partner with great artists and bands and help to build their careers here in Athens and elsewhere. A prime example would be someone like Corey Smith. We’ve worked with Corey since the early days up through his two-night sell-out of the Classic Centre Theater! We love that! We want Foundry Entertainment to be about long-term artist growth and developing those lasting relationships.

MPN: What is something most people may not know about Foundry Ent.? What can music fans expect?

TA: This is a lifestyle for me. I’ve lived my whole life loving and promoting live music. And I’m always interested in hearing what others are listening to; my ears are always open. I want music fans to tell me who they want to see at the Melting Point; to me, that’s what makes a good talent buyer. The Melting Point in particular is a place that serves all kinds of audiences, and that gives up the advantage of being able to feature lots of different artists and styles. We love that.

And I think you can expect to be entertained. We aim try to book acts that people will find a lot of entertainment value in seeing. As I said, we’re diverse in what we do. The opportunities are endless.

MPN: What is the future of Foundry Entertainment?

TA: Going back to the diverse nature of the Melting Point, we are beginning to explore different opportunities outside of music. Things like comedy. Right now we’re trying to square up a murder mystery show for this summer with a local theatre company. It’s cool.

We also hope to build an awareness in our area that the Melting Point is also a venue that is open to the community. Office parties, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, etc. – we’re open to hosting all kinds of events.

MPN: Final words?

TA: Ultimately, I firmly believe that we have just as many good bands in Athens and in our surrounding area as you’ll find in any other agency. We’re excited to get to play a part in helping that music be heard. That’s what Foundry Entertainment is all about.

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