From the Foundry Park Inn and Spa:



To Our Valued Guests and Patrons:

            This notification is to advise you that we have recently learned that one of our servers has been hacked and it is possible that the hackers may have acquired your credit card information. Once we learned of this event, we contacted both the police and our information technology consultants, both of whom have begun investigating this matter.  Their investigation indicates that the hacking was done through a virus that was somehow placed on one of our servers from an overseas location.  Only guests that used credit cards and debit cards in the Melting Point, Hoyt House and Spa could possibly be effected.  Ticket buyers and hotel guests are not at risk.  We have found no evidence whatsoever that any Foundry Park Inn and Spa or Melting Point employee was involved in these activities. 

            We have replaced the server that was compromised, and we have employed new security measures designed to prevent such an event from occurring in the future.  We urge you to contact your credit card and debit card providers to put them on notice of the possibility that your credit card or debit card might be improperly utilized.  We also urge you to carefully review all charges on a daily basis to ensure that no unauthorized charges are made. You may also contact the police detective assisting in this investigation directly:

Det. Taylor Bell
Athens-Clarke County Police Dept.
Centralized Criminal Investigations
Financial Crimes Unit
(706) 613-3888 Ext. 294
Fax (706) 613-3329

            We sincerely regret that these events have transpired and we pledge to you that we are taking all steps recommended by our information technology consultants to ensure that such an event cannot occur again. Thank you for your patronage of the Foundry Park Inn and Spa and the Melting Point.