Our Athens, GA Hotel Deals and Special Offers

Take advantage of our special offers at the Foundry Park Inn and Spa! Call our experienced staff to ask about adding Spa services and packages including Melting Point music tickets and breakfast to your stay!

Special Occasion? Call our reservations department 48 hours in advance  to order an amenity that we deliver right to your door: 706.549.7020

Foundry In-Room Amenities

Seasonal Fruit and Premium Cheese platter with wine (Sonoma Curter Chard) $56
Seasonal Fruit and Cheese with wine: No. Sauvignon Blanc $43
Fruit and Cheese with wine: Copperridge Chardonnay $35
Beer Lovers:
Roasted Mixed Nuts, Mini Pretzels, Potato Chips and 2 Terrapin Beers In basket $23
Healthy Choice:
Two Granola Bars, Whole Fruit (apple/banana/orange), Two Bottled Waters $16
Sports Package:
Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mini Pretzels, Potato Chips, Peanuts, M&Ms Chocolates $17.00
Lovers Package:
Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Champagne on Ice, Rose pedals, dozen Red Roses  $74.00
Sweet Delight:
Four Biscotti and Four soft baked Cookies, 2% milk on Ice with Glasses $18
* Prices do not include tax or service delivery charges.